Lifestyle Changes to Minimize Disease Risk, Part 3 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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In the third part of this show, I ask some important questions in order to identify what weak areas we need to work on in order to make the necessary changes to our lifestyle that will minimize our disease risk.

Ask yourself this: do I wake up after a night of sleep feeling energized, or groggy and tired? Do I frequently experience autoimmune flare ups? Do I digest my food well and feel good after a meal, instead of immediately experiencing bloating, gas, and other GI-related issues after eating?

In this episode, you’ll learn what happens when you have too much glucose in your bloodstream, why excess insulin production is directly associated with metabolic syndrome, and all about the addictive properties of sugar. You’ll learn the most efficient way of taking yourself off the addictive loop of processed food consumption, and how to select high quality animal products and the most nutrient dense food while also having enough variety in your diet to keep things interesting, while still being healthy. I also discuss the increasingly common issue of orthorexia and how to keep yourself from getting drawn into this overly rigid and dysfunctional approach to food purity.


This podcast will focus on diet, dropping excess body fat, fitness and lifestyle. [01:00]

Ditch the big three toxic modern foods: refined industrial seed oils, refined sugars, and sweetened beverages and refined grains. [02:34]

The industrial seed oils inflict immediate damage at the DNA level in your body. [05:48]

Step one is to throw away the bad oils in your cupboard. [08:06]

Read the wrappers. [09:56]

When sugars and grains are ingested, you are eating a bunch of nutrient deficient calories. [15:43]

What happens when you have too much glucose in the bloodstream? [17:50]

Dr. Robert Lustig is the world’s leading anti-sugar crusader. Sugar has addictive properties. [22:23]

What are the best ways you can do this? Cold turkey? Gradually? [24:17]

Ancestral foods like pasture raised eggs, grass fed meats is the way to go. [27:59]

The nutrient rich foods are available and flavorful. Think meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Be flexible. [30:25]

Orthorexia is quite common these days. You don’t want to get in to that. That is missing the point. [37:13]

Reducing excess body fat and improving your body composition is a category of interest to many people. [38:46]


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