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Listener questions hitting hard from around the world, including the UK, the Dolomites in Italy, Australia and USA.

In this show we’ll discuss a variety of topics, including: concerns that fasting can slow down metabolism at the age of 64; a 45-year-old dad of a youngster in the UK is getting all dialed in on exercise, diet , micro workouts, cold exposure, nature exercise, and improving eyesight naturally—all thanks to lots of podcast consumption—so inspiring!

A listener also asks if your MAF heart rate is burning fat, isn’t everyone “fat adapted”?, a question that sparks a discussion around the idea of fasting with butter to minimize stress and guard against potential gluconeogenesis (recalling former podcast guest Dr. Michael Platt, author of Adrenalin Dominance, suggesting to take a spoonful of MCT oil in the morning to prevent excess cortisol (something that can happen from fasting in those who are vulnerable). We then talk about exactly what kind of rest to take between all-out sprints and discuss the important caution of warming up a bit before doing a micro workout (something I haven’t sufficiently emphasized when talking about hauling off a set of pull-ups or deadlift!). Good times, good information, join the fun and be sure to email any questions you want answered to!


Larry is concerned about intermittent fasting and its effect on metabolism. [01:40]

It is believed that we burn around the same number of calories every day regardless of whether we exercise or not. [04:40]

When you are in your later years, it is extremely important to maintain your lean muscle mass. [07:34]

If you are able to just eliminate nutrient deficient processed foods, you will go a long way toward regulating your appetite. [10:15]

Rich Vaughn from the UK talks about Brad’s podcasts bringing Brad to review many important facts. [11:18]

Brad has tried successfully to wean his eyes from needing glasses. [16:54]

What does Brad feed his dog? [17:44]

Ken Phelps asks: if you stay at or under your MAF heart rate are you burning all or mostly fat? Aren’t we all fat adapted? [21:32]

Sue Simmons asks about the fasting protocol for a slender person. [26:59]

Bob Lockwood asks about how restful the rests should be between sprints. [31:45]

A question from Alan in Italy, who is worried about not warming up before doing micro workouts. [34:45]


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