Listener Q&A: Supplements, Superfoods, Low Carb Struggles, and “Celebration” Days (Breather Episode with Brad)


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It’s time for some fantastic questions from B.rad podcast listeners!

We start by talking about how testosterone blood values can fluctuate based on lifestyle factors and how Ancestral Supplements MOFO is actually a food supplement that boosts the nutrient density of your diet (along with other superfoods and superfood smoothies). This leads to me touching on the benefits of consuming liver, other organ meats, and bone broth, as well as how to deal with problems that arise when attempting to reduce carb intake for Paleo or keto dietary goals (hint: there are many ways to screw this up and furthermore reducing carb intake may not be necessary for many healthy, athletic types, especially fit females). Finally, a listener asks an important question: is a cheat day a good idea, or a bad one? This inspires me to consider a new idea: how about calling it a celebration day, with well chosen and fully enjoyed indulgences? Thanks for listening and if you have any questions or comments you’d like included in an upcoming Q&A show, click here!


Brian asks, now that he is in his 50s and a retired triathlete, how does he stay fit in a new way? Do more explosive things and back off a bit. [05:26]

Rick Mueller is asking about MOFO assignment number 10 which is “Quit being a dick to your wife or girlfriend.” Stay cool. [15:37]

Amy Noble wants to know if you do a long run or workout at your maximum aerobic heart rate is bad. [25:07]

The Carnivore Food Ranking Chart is discussed when a listener asks about bovine colostrum. It’s good to eat nose to tail. [31:41]

Mike from Maryland’s question is about the MOFO supplement. When eaten, organs and glands selectively travel to the corresponding organs in the human. [33:13]


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