Matt Maruca: Vibrating In A Higher Energy Field And Silencing Your Noisy Roommate (Your Ego!)


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I welcome Matt Maruca back to this podcast for a wild conversation about a variety of interesting and off-beat topics, such as how to optimize your existence regardless of what latitude you live at, timing your meals according to Ayurvedic medicine and your circadian rhythm, and the many benefits of meditation.

If you heard Matt’s first appearance on this show back in 2020, then you already know that he is one of the world’s foremost experts on circadian rhythm and blue light exposure, as well as the founder of the fabulous blue-light blocking eyewear company Ra Optics—all at the tender age of 22!

The show begins with a discussion centered around astronomy, as we talk about the differences that come from living in various places around the world and how our specific environmental location affects us. Matt offers a ton of great practical lifestyle and diet tips, and you’ll also hear about his new diet, “The Light Diet,” and finally, his current, very admirable and inspiring goal of, “oscillating on a higher energy field” in order to let go of fear and insecurity.

As you’ll hear during this episode, Matt is both interesting and interested—he is deeply curious about the world around him, the impact our choices have on our health, and is also a truly open-minded and free-thinking individual who brings a ton of expertise and inquisitiveness to this conversation. I hope you enjoy this episode with Matt—click here to connect with him on Instagram, and here to check out his company, Ra Optics!

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