Molly Downey: Personalize Your Diet With Continuous Glucose Monitoring


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Get ready for an extremely informative and interesting show all about glucose! We’ll be talking about the wonderful new technology of continuous glucose monitoring with dietician Molly Downey from the health technology company, Nutrisense.

This episode breaks down the science and benefits behind Nutrisense, the fantastic technology that allows you to track your blood glucose levels over a sustained period of time. This is incredibly helpful as the data Nutrisense gives you shows you the effect of not just your dietary choices, but also how all aspects of your lifestyle affect your blood glucose levels. You’ll also learn why Molly says that if your cortisol is consistently activated, you’re going to have a lot of difficulty losing weight, as well as the importance of monitoring your postprandial glucose response.

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With a tiny monitor and phone app, you can track your blood glucose. [01:35]

There are many factors that affect our blood glucose levels. [07:58]

Sleep and glucose have a bi-directional relationship. [11:25]

It’s normal to see glucose rise while you’re sleeping; it is not necessarily a bad thing. [15:42]

And with melatonin, there is a decrease in the secretion of insulin and also a decrease in insulin sensitivity. [18:56]

Some people can tolerate eating a meal late at night and others cannot. [20:30]

Stress is another factor affecting the glucose level. [23:51]

What does an optimal glucose subject look like? Try to avoid the high spikes in the first place. [25:54]

The focus needs to be on the post-meal responses. People react differently to different carbohydrates. [32:09]

Molly developed many physical symptoms that doctors couldn’t define or treat. [34:27]

Many people have no problem maintaining the baseline no matter what they eat. It is important, still, to monitor occasionally. [39:20]

The optimal level is to be below 100, but there are other aspects to look at. [42:19]

Molly suggests a return to baseline in two or three hours, which seems like a long time. [46:16]

Protein and fat can often mitigate the glucose spike response. How does having an apple for a snack compare with having a soda? [49:00]

When using the app, we can watch for dangerous dips and compare responses from the foods we eat. [51:51]

What are some of the weird readings people have that are difficult to explain? [55:31]

How does heat, dehydration, and a workout show up on your chart? [58:22]

The dietary training certification allows for dieticians to continue their exploration with individuals and learn new data and not necessarily follow strict recommendations. [01:04:52]


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