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Time for some interesting Q&A from devoted B.rad podcast listeners.

Thanks for the thoughtful questions and comments that make a great contribution to the overall enjoyment, knowledge acquisition, and community spirit with podcast listeners from around the world.

We’ll cover the logistics and benefits of limiting digestive function to a maximum time window of 12 hours (for example, how caffeinated beverages, herbal tea, and even supplement pills like multivitamins interrupt the fasting process), and how the body works most efficiently (in terms of cell repair, immune function, anti-inflammatory) in a fasted state. We hear from an old-time endurance athlete wondering about how keto aligns with endurance training, and also how to reconcile the enthusiastic voices promoting disparate dietary strategies, from plant based to ancestral. We talk about the validity of the one-mile time trial as an excellent longevity predictor at age 50 (Cooper Institute research), and the rationale and benefits for consuming a maximum nutrient density diet featuring forgotten gems like organ meats—or taking organ supplements if you can’t seem to include organs and bone broth in your diet. Send more comments and questions to!


Raymond has a question about drinking water in that 12-hour fasting window suggested in the book, Two Meals a Day. Give your digestive system a break every day. [02:13]

Your eating is tied to your circadian rhythm. You should think about trying to put the evening meal before dark when possible. [04:27]

There are studies about “dry fasting” but that is for the extremely advanced. [07:22]

Scott asks “Do you really think Keto is the way to go these days?” Brad compares the carnivore diet with the plant-based diet and asks the individual to experiment to decide what is best for them. [09:34]

Consuming refined sugars, grains, and industrial seed oils is the biggest problem. [15:50]

If you are going to go keto, be sure you get your electrolytes dialed. [18:44]

If you under-consume protein, you are going to experience intense cravings for high-protein food. The same goes for carbohydrates. [24:26]

Ewan is asking about his urge to run a mile after he has done his sprint workouts. He wants to go for time. [26:37]

Ewan also mentions how he is eating liver and feels great. But use caution if you are eating raw liver or egg yolks. Brad talks about eating animal organ supplements. [30:00]


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