Sara Banta: Health, Hormones, and Vibrational Healing


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Host Brad Kearns welcomes health coach and supplement expert Sara Banta to discuss some really far out healing protocols involving vibrational energy.

Sara is a busy, high energy mother of teenagers, as well as a lifelong athlete, but her health went into decline after having children. When her young son developed some serious health problems, she felt compelled to depart from a promising career in finance and explore the outer limits of holistic, functional healing.

In this episode, Sara describes the importance of “increasing your frequency” and boosting your immune function through a ketogenic eating pattern and targeted supplementation. This information will help address one of the major concerns for the aging population, which is hormone dysregulation caused by toxic environmental influences (EMF, air pollution, etc.) as well as insulin resistance caused by poor food choices. We also touch on topics such as toxic metals (how they get into our systems and the most effective way of detoxing from them), how environmental pollutants are taking a serious toll on male and female fertility, how to identify and treat the source of the problem (and not just the symptoms), and finally, why not all “healthy” food is actually healthy for you.

Sara has had experience and success using alternative therapies to address everything from acne to insomnia to liver issues, heavy metal toxicity, mood disorders, thyroid issues, to so much more, so be sure to check out her website,


Sara’s turn from studying business and psychology took an about face when her health changed during her pregnancy. [01:22]

When son became ill, he, too, had his blood put under a microscope. He was put on Accelerated Silver. [05:14]

After having a concussion and feeling overwhelmed, Sara was introduced to keto. [08:38]

What are frequency based enhancements? [11:39]

Some of this sounds pretty goofy. How do you get people to consider this information as valid? [17:28]

People are looking for a more natural solution to their health problems. [20:21]

Toxic metal substances in the body… how does that happen? How do you detox from heavy metals and radiation? [23:38]

Airplanes flying overhead are polluting the environment. [28:51]

All the pollutants in the environment are causing fertility problems. Men’s sperm count is about 50 % lower than a generation ago. Women’s hormones are not functioning well. [29:40]

Not all “healthy” food is healthy for you. [34:04]

The animal products have most of the nutrients that we are trying to get from vegetables. [45:17]

Accelerated keto in the morning kicks her into ketosis. Her daily food intake and exercise create high energy and brain energy. [52:44]


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