Tips To Stave Off Belly Fat And Clean Up Diet, Exercise, And Sleep Habits (Breather Episode with Brad)


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This episode is inspired by a recent conversation with an old friend who reached out to me to ask for some tips and insights because of a very relatable issue.

Despite being a lifelong highly accomplished endurance athlete and extreme outdoor person, things went a little off track with the pandemic and some personal life events, leading to drinking a little too much, eating way too many chips and too much butter, etc. This all led to him reaching out to ask: how do I get back on track, and what do you typically eat throughout the course of a single day?

I answer those questions and more in this show as I share why I’m on the “C&C diet” and break down some practical weight loss methods that actually work. I explain why you can’t force your way into healthy eating patterns and talk about my typical approach, which includes tons of dark chocolate and my morning superfuel high protein smoothie. I also talk about my favorite carb sources and the benefits of desiccated organ capsules and reveal why I no longer eat salads or stir frys. Finally, I list the foods you want to minimize if you want to lose weight, as well as the reason why I take creatine every day (and why I think you should too!)


Brad tells an old friend how to get back on track with his fitness. [01:21]

Brad’s main focus on diet is to maximize nutrient dense foods. [03:15]

Many people like time restricted eating where you are fasting for 16 hours and then consuming calories in that 8- hour window. [07:56]

Any deviation from the standard American diet of palatable processed foods is going to be a success. [10:47]

It is very difficult to change your pattern of eating. Set yourself up for success by making good shopping choices. Don’t have the processed foods in your house to tempt you. [13:48]

Brad’s morning diet consists of a smoothie and maybe chocolate. [17:54]

Grass fed beef and pastured eggs are the mainstay. [20:45]
The concept that the cholesterol content of your diet has no correlation to your blood cholesterol levels. [22:41]

Brad eats fewer vegetables now. [26:21]

Chocolate is a big part of Brad’s diet…..only the premium artisåan well-made chocolate. [30:45]

For overall improvement, after diet comes exercise. Ridding ourselves with excess body fat is a battle. [38:32]

How do we keep belly fat off? [42:07]

When you are training, change your mindset and focus on quality and precision rather than suffering. [46:30]

Move frequently, lift heavy things and sprint. [47:40]

Sleep is very important. If you have to set the alarm to get up, we need to look at your sleep habits. [52:39]

Your bedroom should be cool, dark and clutter-free. [58:45]


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