Two Men, One Toilet


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When Yee is away the guys will play! So today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see what the reasoning is for some of our listeners who are over 30 and have a roommate after Lil Duval put up a post questioning it. Later on they opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thoughts about her comments on transgendered athletes competing in certain sports based on their gender identity. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Country Radio Jock who got a tattoo of his station logo but then gets laid off a week later.

Also, stay tuned as we chat with George Acheampong, the third place winner of Mountain Dew’s Real Change Opportunity Fund Pitch Competition. He’s the founder of Pocket Advisor – a financial app that provides all tools and resources to navigate investments, cryptocurrency and more. He shares his plans for growing the app and creating financial literacy to uplift the community.

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