Ep 1. Spirituality is customized


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In this episode, we highlight that “Spirituality” and the act of being “Spiritual” is not a one size fit all type of thing. Everyone's version of spirituality may not look exactly the same or isn’t a “textbook definition” but that doesn’t make it any less special or valuable.
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Sound Medicine by Sosa
Intro & Outro
❗️ Disclaimer from Erika: I take back my statement of calling me a “Tarot Therapist” I do not want anyone getting confused and thinking that I am a licensed therapist. I am not! When I made that statement I meant that tarot could be a therapeutic tool to assist with concerns, but I encourage everyone to please get the proper mental health care they need from a licensed therapist. I am not a therapist. Love you all! -Erika- ❗️

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