Ep. 7 Performance Spirituality - Have you seen it?


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In Episode 7, we discuss how to be mindful(heartful) when seeking Spiritual guidance from a community or practitioner.
Not everyone will have your best intentions at heart && Not everyone will have the self-awareness you do. Can we remove everyone from a pedestal/Guru status and see them as just mirror reflections? No one higher, No one Lower. Balanced.
This is NEUTRALITY - In which we mention in Episode 7.
We are all expressions of God/Goddess. We are dark & we are Light. Many of us are on different Ascension wave cycles and our level of integrity and purity is tainted with our own human fear. It happens to all of it - don’t take it personally, just use DISCERNMENT.
Lately, there’s been a lot of Performance Spirituality - Have you Seen It? What's the real deal and who’s in the masquerade?
Let's talk about change and ways we can heal together instead of creating more tension. Can we anchor the change we would like to see in the world in our hearts? Can we be the Bridge Between?
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