1856: Multi vs. DNS, Vata Weight Gain, Creatine & Cold Sores, Blood Type Diet, Starch & Weight Gain, Peripheral Neuropathy (HouseCall)


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Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today's questions:

Nancy: Hello Dr. Cabral! My family and friends have been changing their diet and lifestyle through everything I share from your amazing podcast and book. We're planning another group detox soon and wondering if we can use the activated multivitamin instead of the DNS because the DNS flavors were not a hit for us. Other than adding our own hemp protein, are we mostly just missing the glutathione? Thank you for everything you do! -Nancy

KP: Is it possible to be a Vata dosha but still gain weight fairly easily? I’m super tall, very small frame and was always in a healthy weight range but quite over fat. By switching to a whole food plant based diet I was able to lose the weight and get down to the correct body fat percentage, but I find that if I eat to full satiety of even these whole plant foods the scale and body fat will start to climb if I’m not careful. I’ve been listening to your podcasts about dosha’s and was curious as to if you can fit the physical description of one but be more metabolically like a kapha (like I think I am). If so, should I be eating to support my vata, or kapha, or do I just choose which one is my current goal?

Karen: Hi Dr. Cabral! I'm 48 years old and have noticed that over the years I tend to get cold sores more frequently than I used to even though I eat a much healthier diet than I did when I was younger and am much better at managing stress than I used to be as well. This may be coincidental but it seems like anytime I supplement with creatine I end up with a cold sore. Nothing I have found online would suggest that creatine can increase the incidence of cold sores but am interested in hearing any insight you might have. I have listened to your other podcasts related to cold sores but didn't hear anything related specifically to supplements that might trigger them in some people. Thanks for being such a great resource - it is incredibly appreciated.

Georgina: Hi Dr Cabral! I am about to enroll in the IHP program, super excited! I’m interested in your thoughts on the blood type diet? Thank you so much for all that you do, you’re awesome. Georgina

Leslie: Thanks for your show..Q: I've been using Fatlossity, and find if I take the evening dose with dinner, it keeps me awake. How can I manage that? I've done a 21-day, then a 14-day and now 2) 7-day detoxs over the lockdowns since last March. I sleep great during the detoxes. I would like to lose another 20 lbs. I also use DNS, Adrenal soothe, and magnesium. I find it difficult to stay on such a restricted diet, so I add back in the blueberries and a sweet potato at lunch. And I no longer lose weight. If I don't eat the sweet potato, I feel strong food compulsions around mid-afternoon and I am often unable to make it until dinner without snacking. Fruit snacks sometimes put me into a tailspin where I am more hungry and want to start grazing through the pantry. I have started to use hypnotherapy to help.. and lost some weight. I would like to use that second dose of Nighttime Fatlossity and still be able to sleep well. Thanks for your ideas. Leslie

Diane: Hi Dr. Cabral I listen to your podcast everyday for the past 3 years and have joined IHP, its is PRICELESS !! Thank you. My question is I have a friend in his late 50s treated with oxaliplatin Chemo for stage 3 colon cancer. He has been off chemo for at least 1.5 years but suffers severe debilitating peripheral neuropathy in his lower extremities. His Physicians say there is nothing they can do. Do you have any suggestions, would a detox help or is this a done deal. Thanks

Thank you for tuning into today's Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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