2052: Ayurveda & Dairy, Pain in Abdomen, Colonoscopy Gut Protocol, Food Thickeners, Filshie Clips (HouseCall)


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Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

Check out today's questions:

Paloma: Why does Ayurveda advocate advocate dairy? I know it was raw & organic but isn’t the protein the protein an issue?

Victoria: Hi Cabral ! I had a lot of pain on my lower right abdomen. Basically right under my rib cage / the bottom of my rib cage. I went and got a CT scan (to make sure it wasn't appendicitis) and they said it was pelvic congestion syndrome. To give some further background, they found a 3cm ovarian cyst as well, which, I've been reading, might be a contributing factor. I also got a ultrasound to confirm it wasn't gallstones. I currently am dealing with treating chronic lyme and mold toxicity in my body. I have high levels of aspergillus. Any recommendations for the pelvic congestion syndrome, knowing all that I have said? I have been taking your foundational supplement protocol level 3, adrenal soothe & the cowden protocol for lyme. Appreciate your response. Thank you!

Natalie: Could you please recommend a protocol for gut health following a colonoscopy? Thank you-

Simon: Hi Dr Cabral, no question this time; I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how grateful I am for the work you do and the opportunity to have my questions (of which I have many!) answered in person on my favorite podcast! Your knowledge and protocols have been instrumental in optimizing my health. Until next time - Ayubowan!

Lara: Hi, dr. Cabral! :) Hope you’re well and your family and loved ones also.. My question today is about starches used for thicken food, for example corn, potato, tapioca starch.. which one would you recommend to use and why? Should we stay away from any of them? I try not to use anything with corn, just in case.. but are potato and tapioca better or not? Thanks so much for being so amazing!

Anonymous: Hello Dr. Cabral. I was wondering if you had any advice on Filshie Clamps. I had my tubal ligation done with them in 2017. I have had a few symptoms that I have been able to narrow down to my time for ovulation and menstruation, that I had not had prior to 2017. During ovulation my lower back around my lower back, hips, and knees ache pretty badly. Very painful periods. I have had an influx of course hair on my neck, chin, upper lip. I’ll spare the listeners the small details. That is the jist of it though. Do you think it’s related to the filshie clamps? Also—ovulation and menstruation seem to cause anxiety in me. What do you recommend for that? Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you for tuning into today's Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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