Can Do Coffee Chat with Alexis Haselberger, Coach and Facilitator.


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In this episode I am talking to Alexis Haselberger, Coach and Facilitator.

Alexis is a time management and productivity coach who helps people do more and stress less through coaching, workshops, and online courses.

Her pragmatic, yet fun, approach helps people easily integrate practical, realistic strategies into their lives so that they can do more of what they want and less of what they don't.

Driven by a desire to get the most out of life, Alexis’s Can Do story is guaranteed to ignite a SMART mindset in you.

Listen for Alexis’s intriguing Can Do tips:

  1. Never rely on memory.
  2. Make time to plan at the end of each workday to lead with success the next day.
  3. Turn off all notifications!

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