Can Do Coffee Chat with Chris Lovett, Minimalist, Author, Speaker, Career Mentor, Professional Executive Coach and Simplicity Coach.


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In this episode, I am talking to Chris Lovett, minimalist, author, speaker, career mentor, professional executive coach and simplicity coach.

His words have touched thousands of lives in more than forty-five countries, inspiring and empowering people to let go of material possessions and unlock their potential by removing the stuff that gets in the way.

Chris’s new book, Discovery of Less, his personal Can Do story, will inspire you to live simpler, better, happier. Because less is not just more, less is progress...

Listen for Chris’s Can Do tips:

  1. Understand when you are at your best.
  2. FOMO* vs JOMO**. You cannot do everything.
  3. Journal each day.

(*Fear of Missing Out **Joy of Missing Out)

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