Can Do Coffee Chat with Jennifer Urezzio, Coach, Trainer, Author & Podcast Host.


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In this episode, I am talking to Jennifer Urezzio, Coach, Trainer, Author & Podcast Host.

Jennifer is the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success.

Her clients consistently relate how Jennifer provides an environment where they feel safe to be open and vulnerable. Described as “liquid nitrogen” Jennifer sees the core of possibilities within everyone’s energy field.

A heartfelt and deeply personal Can Do storyteller, Jennifer’s soul language is infectious.

Listen for Jennifer’s Can Do tips:

  1. Pause and ask yourself: If I knew I was complete, supported and provided for, what would I say and what would I do in this situation.
  2. Practice being safe by being vulnerable.
  3. Know when you are not in your own lane.

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