Can Do Coffee Chat with Shoshanna French, Intuitive Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker.


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In this episode, I am talking to Shoshanna French, Intuitive Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker.

Shoshanna’s goal is to cultivate wildly successful leaders through the practical power of intuition. As the founder of Simple Spirit™, a keynote speaker, and coach to NFL leaders, Broadway, and television stars, million and billion-dollar business founders, CEOs, and business professionals, Shoshanna generates unpredictable and profound results for leaders who are looking to develop a deeper connection to their purpose.

Woven through Shoshanna’s wonderful Can Do story is the thread of allowing change to become your best friend.

Listen for Shoshanna’s Can Do tips:

  1. Pause. Do nothing and honour your time off.
  2. Support. Find a community to reflect and enjoy the journey together.
  3. Pivot. Re-evaluate your purpose as often as you want to.

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