Episode 131: Ford and Bradshaw making scents


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Scent detection is an art form in dog training that is best described as a methodology with many nuances. Two very well respected trainers who are well known for their work in scent training join us for this episode. Jerry Bradshaw and Cameron Ford join us again, this time together, to share their ideas and techniques in scent training. Like most trainers, both of these gentlemen have their respective style. Although we may have our preferences, we can't deny good training and results. Making sense of scents is a skill set that all good detection trainers should strive for. Additionally, it not only improves the dogs we train but the students we coach. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did. For more information or to contact them, Jerry is at Tarheel Canine and Cameron is at Ford K9 Further details If your looking for contact details, great trainers and supporters of The Canine Paradigm, look no further. Below is a vast array of people and business’s who stand by us and donate to our running costs. Glenn runs and has almost everything canine related at, Canine Evolution or Pet Resorts Australia Pat has a full range of coaching and training services at Operant Canine You can support our show and get extra content right here on our Patreon page. Everything goes into keeping the show running and we love all the wonderful people who are part of that community. You can get our full range of Merch at our Teespring store here You can also help us by spreading the word amongst the community or even suggesting a special guest to interview. If you need to find out how to listen to our show, go here We have a YOUTUBE channel that you can subscribe to now If you enjoyed the podcast, please review us on Itunes Details on joining the IACP can be found here. If you’re not in it you should be! For more details on how to help our friends at Peggy’s Promise, you can find all the details on how to do that on their website. They are our rescue charity of choice. Support our supporters Narelle Cooke’s raw feeding guide for pets here Birdy O’Sheedy can be found at Pause in life and at Paws in life Jason Firmin Einzweck Dog quip SHOW SPONSOR K9 Dynamics online store for all our listeners in USA and Canada SHOW SPONSOR Kylie Brights dog treats are right here at Brights Bites SHOW SPONSOR Jasmine Whiting is at Prime Canine Alex Edwards Refine your CanineEmma Murdoch Walk with me Ottawa Find out more about GRC dog sports here http://www.thecanineparadigm.com/2019/10/17/episode-99-dr-roger-abrantes-iacp/

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