#11 What If My Business Idea Already Exists?


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A lot of career changers and new entrepreneurs feel very discouraged if they discover that someone is ALREADY doing what they want to do. So they wonder if they should just forget about their idea, as it's already been done. They might wonder if they are even cut out to be an entrepreneur at all.
I call this the "Somebody Is Already Doing It" Fallacy. Something you believe to be true , but which has no solid basis in reality. Let's face it - Most ideas have already been done (somehow). And many successful businesses are not started by Steve Jobs-types, nor are they based on truly unique or visionary ideas.
As a matter of fact, it's a GOOD thing if someone is already doing "your thing" - Hit play to discover 5 reasons why - Including why it's your unique execution, rather than your current sprout of an idea, that matters most!

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