#14 How To Stay Motivated During A Career Change


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Do you have a tendency to start and stop when it comes to your career change or own business efforts? Wonder how to stay motivated when everything sucks?
Want to learn how to keep up momentum, so you can keep going until you get the results you want?
In this episode, you'll discover why the " Start/Stop Loop" is such a dangerous place to find yourself stuck repeatedly (erosion of confidence and a feeling of being back at square one (again) are just two of those!).
We'll dive deep into what it really takes to consistently make space in your life to ensure your transition gets the time and attention needed to create a new career or business - Especially during days / weeks / months when you don't feel like taking action.
Hint: Getting motivated is not enough - We want to get you to a place where you STAY motivated - I've got the perfect tool for helping you do that - Hit play to discover it!

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