The Career Changers


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The Career Changers podcast is going to bring you inspiration and clarity during your journey to self-realisation. Your host, Elisa Martinig, an Italian in London with dual citizenship, Journalist & Digital Marketing expert, is going to use her Italian accent to entertain you and discuss with her guests inspirational stories of career change, career change tips from career change experts and industry trends. Whether you are in an industry where a career ends at an early age, like the sports, dance or the military, or you feel stuck in your corporate job, thinking to have only one job in your life is a limiting belief, unless that job or career makes you happy. Life is a journey and with one-third of our lives spent working it would be unimaginable to not have a desire to explore new avenues. We all have a talent and we all have transferable skills. What if we could also be paid to be ourselves?

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