Bonus | The IN with TWO Outsiders Launch | Stafford Masie (Worldclass Techtrepreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Global Speaker, Husband, Father)


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Join the Outsider Movement : In this episode Stafford Masie (Worldclass Techtrepreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Global Speaker, Husband, Father) talks to John Vlismas (Former Comedian, Faculty Member at Henley, Global Speaker, Disruptive Thinker, Educator, and serial entrepreneur) and co-host Carmen Murray (Host of Carmen Murray Show, Entrepreneur, Global Speaker, Educator, and Marketing Ninja). John and Carmen explore what makes Stafford Masie an Outsider and what does life look like from the outside looking in. Here is a brief summary: There is this Rabbi, he commits an atrocity or an act of passion, we will never know. It's in 1940's Johannesburg in a suburb. What happens then is a curious family tree grows with a zero-based history. An apple grows from that tree, he falls from the tree, and he has a deep sense of loss at his core. Kind of a hollowness. The apple rolls away to become the most accomplished South African in the tech space. John and Carmen have this crazy open conversation with Stafford and he talks about the stuff he never really talks about. He draws a beautifully clear line from a hominid, Latin word for a big monkey in a cave, all the way through history to a young man doing cocaine in the toilet. I know, it doesn't make any sense. But it will. What happens then is, he illustrates how the muddy hand print in a cave echoes an eternity. All the way down to that young boy in the toilet and now his chances of being president are ruined by a memory captured digitally. So that is the Ape that created perfect memory, now fighting for the right, to enforce the right to forget. Finally, he understands community, attribution, and legacy. Those are the only 3 things we need to worry about. He also talks about how millennials have re-framed value. Whatever you think is valuable, is wrong. You don't have to own anything, you just need access to it. That's what's actually important. He then tells us that family is the ultimate social teacher. Stafford Masie is a curious, analytical synthesizer, fueled by a perceived cultural constraint. He is a suburb example of an Outsider who has used negative drivers to realize massive value. We dare you! DON'T LISTEN TO THIS! Listen to The IN with TWO Outsiders Music Used : John Bartmann | Outsiders To book Carmen Murray for MC or Public Speaking engagements ...

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