#079 Are Doctors Neglecting their Practices? | Dr Peter Cruse and David Maclean


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Healthcare is changing. Are Doctors future-proofing their practices? Guests: David Maclean (Henley Business School) Dr Peter Cruse (Former medical doctor and Professor of Anatomical Pathology) In this informative, comprehensive and interactive episode, Carmen Murray chats to Dr Peter Cruse and David Maclean about the rapid changes and challenges the healthcare industry faces to develop future-fit practices, especially during a pandemic. Some of these challenges include data protection, cybersecurity, telemedicine ethics, hardware and software and not to mention the rigid regulations governing remote consultation. "Where we used to believe that there was no time to go virtual, now there is little choice,” says course convenor Dr Peter Cruse, whose career has spanned senior medical, academic and hospital leadership in ZA and internationally. David Maclean, Programme Director at Henley Business School, highlights the importance to help doctors thrive under these tough conditions. Doctors worked around the clock to contain and treat the effects of COVID-19 and their businesses have suffered. Henley has worked with the South African Medical Association to have the course accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points, and sourced global experts and local practitioners to deliver a comprehensive syllabus. The programme design ensures that delegates develop customised plans to pivot their practices online as quickly as possible. About your host: Carmen Murray, CEO of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Services, is a successful entrepreneur on a mission to change the way we do Marketing. She takes a no-nonsense approach to help organisations escape "old-school" marketing and keep them relevant to the time we now live in, serving the needs of the customer, whilst creating shared value. Marketing is in a "state of flux" and it takes a marketing activist to get you back on track. HENLEY LAUNCHES A VIRTUAL PIVOT COURSE FOR HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS · Preview the course · Download brochure

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