#080 Why the voyage beyond earth could bring hope to humanity? | Dr. Adriana Marais


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Our profit-driven consumerist culture recklessly plunders Earth’s resources. Dr. Adriana Marais (founder Proudly Human) Join this fascinating, "off-world" conversation with host Carmen Murray and Dr. Adriana Marais, founder of Proudly Human and previously one of the 100 astronaut finalists with the Mars One Project. This conversation travels from Earth, The Moon, Mars, and beyond to create a better tomorrow for the future generation. Humanity faces the greatest challenge and opportunities we have ever faced. Earth, our life support system is under threat. Can we save our planet? Dr. Adriana Marais founded Proudly Human in 2019. She has since been on location scouts for the organisation's Off-World Project to regions including Antarctica and Oman. The Off-World Project will demonstrate exploration-driven innovation for habitation in extreme environments on Earth and beyond. Adriana has a PhD in quantum physics and is currently designing a blockchain-based economic system towards a second PhD. She is a director at the Foundation for Space Development Africa, a member of the South African 4th Industrial Revolution Ministerial Task Team, Faculty at the Singularity University and Duke Corporate Education. The projects will promote companies developing technology for sustainability, facilitate skills development, boost research, innovation and technology towards off-grid functionality, as well as provide a vision for young people of community spirit in even the harshest environments through grit, imagination, research and technology towards a #ProudlyHuman future, whichever planet we are on. About your host: Carmen Murray, Curious Human being, CEO of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Service, Africa representative of The Connected Marketer™, IAB Black Pixel Winner- Digital 2019, and nominated as one of the top women in tech- Africa-Meltwater. Apply to join our Off-World Community and be considered for participation. · Connect with Adriana on LinkedIn · Proudly Human

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