Paralysed to the Dakar Rally | Joey Evans (Author of PARA to Dakar and international keynote speaker)


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In this episode, Joey Evans (Author of the incredible book Para to Dakar and highly sought-after global keynote speaker) sits down with the host of The Carmen Murray Show, 2019 IAB Black Pixel Winner for her best individual contribution to digital and CEO of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Services. In this episode, Carmen Murray sits at the edge of her seat as Joey Evans shares his story of overcoming paralysis and conquering the Dakar Rally. It is a journey of courage and determination. He starts by telling his story of his beautiful family and the amazing family he has and this exciting vision he had to do the Dakar Rally. 2007, a terrible accident happens during a race, and he and his family's lives changes. He was paralysed from the chest down and bound to a wheelchair. His dream to race the most grueling off-road race in the world, the 9000KM Dakar Rally was over. Joey Evans takes Carmen through the journey, the pain, the hope, the courage and they share a few deep moments as they reflect on his life, and what he achieved. It was a long and painful road to recovery, involving years of intensive rehabilitation and training, but he had the love and support of both family and friends and an incredible amount of determination. Joey shares many challenges he and his family faced, all the setbacks, the victories along the way to the Dakar Rally start line... In 2017, Joey becomes the only South African to finish the race. This story will give you perspective, determination and hope to take on any hardship, any challenge that presents itself to you. A scene from the Dakar Rally (12th day) Joey's interview with Carte Blanche Buy your copy of Joey's amazing book To book Carmen Murray for MC or Public Speaking engagements visit To learn more about Boo Yah Modern Marketing Services and the services they offer, from CX Audits, Strategy and Experience Innovation, visit For any inquiries, more details, or requests to appear on the show, you can contact If you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at

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