#077 "WhatsApp" with my Data Privacy? | Dr. Jay van Zyl and Ross Saunders


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Data Privacy transparency across didn't change much. Why all the fuss? Dr. Jay van Zyl | Computational Social Scientist Ross Saunders | Data Privacy Expert In this episode, get ready to be inspired as host, Carmen Murray chat to Dr. Jay van Zyl, Computational Social Scientist, and Ross Saunders, Data Privacy Expert about the current hype surrounding the WhatsApp flock to Telegram due to recent T&C's changes. This provoking conversation highlights how we pay little attention to our data privacy and what we have signed up for. You will sit on the edge of your seat as they touch on the recent insurrection and how the word ""FREE WILL"" has no meaning in society. Dr. Jay van Zyl Innovator and entrepreneur in the world of intelligent technology innovation. Currently involved in several projects that focus on AI and how the human-social dimension is used to produce more reliable predictions through computational social science. Jay is an adjunct faculty member at the GIBS, Henley Business School, and California State University. “Built to Thrive, making your mark in a connected world” published in 2011 focuses on the social aspects of innovation. The “Process Innovation Imperative” book focuses on innovation in product companies originally published in 2003. Working with the “Innovation for Jobs” community in Silicon Valley as the lead analytics partner based at the Stanford Research Institute. About Ross Saunders Ross specialises in data protection and information security, raising awareness and educating staff on the human aspect to what can, and does, go wrong in data protection. Ross demystifies technical, security, and legal topics to make them accessible at all levels of the organisation. About your host: Carmen Murray, (CEO of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Services. Africa representative of The Connected Marketer, IAB Black Pixel Winner- Digital 2019, and nominated as one of the top women in tech, Africa-Meltwater. Jay van Zyl · Ross Saunders · Carmen Murray

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