Episode 29 - Jill McDaniel, Founder, Mom-At-Arms


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Welcome to another episode of the Casual Shooters podcast. This week, we shift gears a little bit and welcome Jill McDaniel. Jill is the founder of Mom-At-Arms which is a women's Pro-2A group. She specifically founded it to counter the anti-gun rhetoric and propaganda.

This episode is a little longer than most but we quote FBI Crime Statistics, Johns Hopkins and others. We also discuss what you can do to prevent your rights from being taken from you.

Regardless of you level of shooting, this episode affects every single one of us. Whether you are a Grand Master in (pew pew sport), a hunter or just someone that carries everyday to protect your family, this episode pertains to you. We ALL need to be doing our part to preserve our rights, and the Constitution, so that future generations have the exact some opportunities as us.

You can find links to Jill and the organizations she works with at:


See you next week with another distinguished guest!!

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