Episode: 004 - What to do when you're asked to discount your ceremony prices


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Whilst as Celebrants we understand the expense that goes into holding a celebratory event, whether it's a wedding, funeral, baby-naming or other service, being asked to reduce our price does create a potentially awkward start to a working relationship.

Everyone has their reasons for why they ask for a discount and sometimes there is not a simple response. Sometimes, it's not about simply saying 'no' (even if that is your intention) but giving thoughtful, informative answers which get to the root of people's enquiries.

In the fourth episode of the Celebrant Survival Podcast, Natasha explores this topic of 'discounts.' She discusses the negativity surrounding the D-word and how it has the potential to derail a working relationship before it's even begun. She also looks at

  1. Our reactions as Celebrants when we're asked to discount our prices
  2. What it means to you and your business to agree to a discount
  3. When it's okay to agree to a discount
  4. How to respond when you're asked to reduce your prices

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