Episode 005: Four no-nos that you shouldn't do when setting the prices for your services


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In episode five of the Celebrant Survival Podcast, Natasha looks at how pricing is an area which affects all Celebrants no matter their experience and she goes through four no-nos that Celebrants should avoid when it comes to pricing.

Pricing is something which is extremely important as a Celebrant, yet some Celebrants dislike getting into complicated discussions about it. Some even feel that it’s a little awkward to discuss a job that they love so much in such stark monetary terms. But no matter how much you love your job and would do it for free, you are still carrying out a service which you need to remunerated for, and in such a way that you are not only making money from it and covering your overheads but that you are also making a profit and enabling yourself to make a living from it.

In this podcast episode, Natasha looks at

  1. Why you shouldn’t set your prices in isolation or undercut your Celebrant colleagues
  2. What factors need to be taken into account when setting prices
  3. How often you should review your pricing
  4. Why you need to be confident with your services and your pricing.

Listen to this episode now and let us know your thoughts on pricing. Are you confident with how you price your services? Or do you feel like you charge too much? Or too little?

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