Episode 006: Five myths about websites


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Websites, websites, websites - it’s all we talk about nowadays, isn’t it? But, let’s be fair, it’s for a pretty damn good reason! Websites rule, right? And frankly speaking, if anyone wants to get anywhere in whatever business they happen to be in, their website is where they will want to focus a lot of their attention, the place which all avenues lead to.

There are however a lot of myths that surround websites. Ideas floating around which are taken as granted, ideas which people assume are facts and which can lead to some damaging assumptions about how we set up and run our business websites.

And despite my really boring podcast title, this episode really is full of some awesome advice!

I discuss five myths about websites which need to be addressed and kicked to the curb ASAP. I also run through some quick tips and practices that you can start putting into place TODAY to get your website working the way it should do and boosting your online presence in the best way that websites can.

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