Episode 10 - General Stanley McChrystal


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We are honoured to be joined by General Stanley McChrystal in this week's episode. The former US four star general and JSOC Commander, General Stan was described as “one of America’s greatest warriors” by Secretary of Defence Robert Gates. In this episode he talks openly to us about some of the mistakes he has made throughout his career and what he learnt from them. He discusses the necessity for leaders to have humility and the concept of followership, specifically highlighting the strength of the British Non-Commissioned Officer. General Stan also unpacks his 'team of teams' approach and shares with us the need for 'shared consciousness', which he outlines can break down hierarchies and create more adaptable and resilient teams. Finally, he speaks fondly about the importance of making personal connections and to over-communicate with your people at every opportunity.

An incredible episode from “one of America’s greatest warriors”.

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