Episode 6 - Richard Hytner


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In this episode, we are joined by Richard Hytner, author of 'Consiglieri: Leading from the Shadow' and founder of the creative management consultancy firm, 'beta baboon' and, now, leadership coach and facilitator, Blue Hat Man. Richard shares with us his wealth of experience from working with some of the world's largest businesses. He unpacks his theory that leadership is a collective endeavour and how some leaders are better in a supporting leadership role, as a 'C Leader'. He talks about his time as a CEO at 'Saatchi & Saatchi' and how early empowerment of junior leaders is the pathway to success. Finally, Richard discusses how enabling creativity is the key to recruiting and retaining young talent and how we should channel our 'inner baboon' when solving problems: "rip it apart, play with it, solve it."

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