Affair Recovery Series: Learn how to Rewrite Your Love Story after Infidelity


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New Series: Affair Recovery Series: A Journey to Healing

Welcome to the Affair Recovery Series: In this series it is my hope to give hope, clarity and direction to those couples that are struggling with the aftermath of an affair. In this series we will explore what constitutes infidelity, the gender differences, why and where couples get stuck when trying to recover, the process of rebuilding trust and forgiveness as well as knowing when to end the relationship or rewrite your love story. Despite, infidelity becoming commonplace within relationships it still disrupts individuals at their core and what they believe and understand about love and relationships. Join the Chaise Lounge as we explore the range of emotions experienced, questions asked and the steps couples take to begin to recover from the betrayal of infidelity.

In Episode 5 The Final Chapter…We do a SWOT analysis of the current state of the relationship to support relationship goals, boundaries and re-writing the love story as the couple continue the healing process. The SWOT analysis is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The couple explores to together each area of the relationship to begin to build the chapters for a successful marriage and affair recovered relationship.

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