India's Ivermectin Miracle


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As the dust settles on the California Recall Election, Charlie recaps what we saw last night and what the path forward looks like for the movement across the nation. But with a limited number of votes counted, he blazes ahead—moving into a bombshell allegation against General Mark Milley which was confirmed to be true during the course of this recording by Milley himself, before unpacking. the long list of reasons why our institutions will ultimately protect Milley.

He also gives an update on the bizarre saga of newly-based Nicki Minaj; but none of that should distract from the fact that the two year lockdown and the thousands of lives lost were ultimately a result of a clandestine effort by an entrenched, money-hungry government who does NOT have Americans' best interest at heart. For proof, he turns to an even bigger bombshell story which documents an important discovery out of India, where the so-called 'Delta Variant' was discovered, that shows Ivermectin to be the closest thing to a 'miracle drug' we've seen over the course of this pandemic...but our government doesn't want you to know that. This is a cancellable thought-crime that you won't want to miss. Share this episode with your friends—it's time to get the truth out about how we end this two-year nightmare.

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