Nicki Minaj, AOC, and the Ruling Class Oligarchy with JD Vance


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In one of the stranger news cycles in recent weeks, Charlie finds himself agreeing with Nicki Minaj in her push back against increasingly draconian vaccine mandates, even as she spars with fellow liberal lightweight Joy Reid. He also ends up agreeing with The Atlantic as the left-wing publication undercuts Fauci Virus hospitalization numbers. Never fear, Charlie finds time to continue disagreeing with AOC in one of the most blatant self-owns in recent memory, as she attended a $35,000 per ticket Met Gala sporting a designer dress that read “Tax the Rich.” Charlie is also joined by Ohio senatorial candidate, JD Vance, to discuss the hypocrisy of our ruling class oligarchy on vaccine mandates and their perpetual failure to live up to their own rules they set for the rest of us and demand we follow. Don’t miss this action-packed episode of The Charlie Kirk Show.

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