Epstein, Rittenhouse, Waukesha, and Bobulinski—Exposing the Media's 'Memory Hole' with Jack Posobiec


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Charlie is joined by Senior Editor fo Human Events and host of Human Events Daily by TPUSA, Jack Posobiec, to discuss their upcoming, exclusive Kyle Rittenhouse interview. How will Charlie and Jack approach the interview? What caused Jack to pursue this story so doggedly when so many other reporters and members of the media wanted to avoid it? How has the mainstream news media misreported the rial, the incident, and now the verdict? Are they guilty of memory holing the truth about Kyle's case? Are they now doing the same with the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre? As new developments emerge in the trial against Ghislaine Maxwell and the leadership of Twitter, are we headed for even more aggressive "memory holing" by the tech and media gatekeepers?

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