PRE-AUDIT COVERAGE: Smashing the Media Smokescreen Around the Maricopa Audit ft. Christina Bobb


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In a special advertiser-free episode recorded just hours before the Maricopa County Audit results are set to be released, Charlie looks at the draft audit report which reveals a staggering number of potentially illegal votes cast in the 2020 election. He walks through the data, unpacks the reporting, and crunches the numbers—all to get to the bottom of what happened last November and why the Regime Media is fighting so hard to keep it under wraps and lower expectations for official release of the results. He's joined in the second half of the episode by OAN Correspondent Christina Bobb whose coverage of the entire audit process has been second to none. She lays out the details surrounding the routers, and calls for a criminal investigation into the election fraud purported in the draft audit report. He's also joined by Arizona State Representative Jake Hoffman who has been a leader in demanding accountability for the election mess and fighting for truth and transparency in our democratic processes. Maricopa Audit Results incoming. Get the facts you need to know to process them, only on The Charlie Kirk Show.

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