Why the Left Hates Cowboys


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With 'WhipGate' still raging on the Southern Border, and Border Czar Kamala Harris circling in on an investigation into...herself (?) Charlie cuts through the muck and makes sense of the hysteria surrounding images from Del Rio Texas which purport to show mounted members of Customs and Border Patrol "whipping" Haitian migrants attempting to "seek asylum" in America. While all of this is decidedly and obviously false, it has whipped the media into a fervor the likes of which we haven't seen since the Covington Catholic scandal. Charlie walks through it all—even including a lesson in Jungian psychology and a sampling of one of John Wayne's greatest films—before diving into another historic fight being waged in our nation: ticked-off parents vs woke school board members. After walking through two examples of this from the great state of Texas, Charlie finishes with an update on the Durham Report and a roadmap on where the movement needs to go from here in order to save our republic.

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