A Random Mix Of Nonsense - The Choking Hazard Podcast #42


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The Choking Hazard Podcast - Episode 42 - A Random Mix Of Nonsense
We talk about a lot of things today, and none of it has any relevance to each other.
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0:00:00 - Introduction
0:01:00 - New Locations
0:04:00 - New Podcast Improvements
0:09:28 - American Game Shows
0:16:04 - Actors vs Voice Actors
0:30:30 - Project Homecoming Update
0:32:50 - Nintendo Switch Is Great
0:42:41 - Nos' Retirement Update
0:57:35 - MCEC Returns
1:03:27 - Twitch & YouTube News
1:14:00 - Gillette Advert Controversy
1:27:14 - Gaming News
1:39:45 - Previous Episode Follow-Up
1:42:04 - Community Questions
1:54:40 - RDT's Apple Juice Minute
1:59:35 - Choke Of The Week

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