Discussing Platform Exclusivity (Twitch, Mixer, Spotify, etc) - The Choking Hazard Podcast #55


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The Choking Hazard Podcast - Episode 55 - Discussing Platform Exclusivity
In this episode we all discuss our thoughts on the increasing platform exclusivity we see.
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0:00:00 - Introduction
0:04:19 - Random All Of Them
0:23:45 - Joe Rogan Moving To Spotify
0:28:10 - Streaming Platform Growth
0:48:45 - Streaming Music Versus Owning Music
0:51:33 - Twitch Channel Page Update
1:01:11 - Detroit: Become Human Discussion
1:23:30 - Gaming News
1:50:38 - Racing Corner
1:58:20 - Speedrun Corner
2:02:59 - Previous Episode Follow-Up
2:03:35 - Community Questions
2:16:39 - Choke Of The Week

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