616. It’s Time To Step Up Your Networking Game!


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I just got done with some one-on-one coaching calls that I do with everybody in my Elite Mastermind, and I noticed a theme in those conversations. People are planting seeds for bigger dreams and gaining so much clarity in their businesses by going to in-person events. We made it work for two years by doing things via Zoom and online groups, but this is your wakeup call to get back into those physical rooms. I share three examples of the power of in-person networking, whether it’s something that’s already organized, or you take the initiative to launch your own event. There are plenty of opportunities to go and collaborate, find your next business partner, discover your big idea, or seek guidance from your peers and industry leaders. So, what’s stopping you?


  • Why you don't know what you’re missing until somebody can hold up a mirror for you and share other experiences
  • One of the biggest clues that you don't have a good team
  • How in-person events can help boost your business
  • What you can gain from in-person networking events that you can’t get online


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