620. Why Small Business Needs To Be Celebrated More


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I talk about my legacy-building dreams on here all the time, but I want to make it clear that no matter what your financial goals are, the most important thing is that you’re maximizing your time here on earth and setting numbers for yourself一not someone else’s ego. Small businesses aren’t talked about enough in terms of business goals, and that needs to change. There’s a sweet spot where you can earn what you consider a comfortable living, and then use compound interest in your favor to have a good life and create a great future for yourself. But, if you’re not feeling like you’re there yet, listen in to hear more about my new course that’s going to help you monetize your own skill sets and bulletproof your future.


  • Why it’s important to frame your personal financial goals with the size of your business
  • Valuing your free time and creating memories with your loved ones
  • How to build your net worth and live your dream lifestyle with your small business
  • What to expect from my upcoming course


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