621. How To Incorporate Affiliate Marketing Into Your Marketing Strategy With Kelsey Eyers & Lori Lefcourt, Co-Founders Of Rexxy


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Kelsey Eyers and Lori Lefcourt are the powerhouse duo behind Rexxy, a brilliant and innovative affiliate marketing agency. Kelsey and Lori are both entrepreneurs who saw a major gap in the marketing industry. The old way of paying thousands, sometimes multimillion dollar deals for influencer marketing, isn’t producing the ROI that was once promised. The average social media follower has grown more and more skeptical of influencers who sell any kind of product if the price is right. Kelsey and Lori figured out how to scale authentic, word-of-mouth marketing through affiliate programs. The best and most organic way that you can get out there in front of people is to build a salesforce of your customers who know your brand, love it, and trust you as an owner. We discuss how their approach works, the philosophy behind their Frameworxx Playbook™, and how business owners can customize and launch their own affiliate program right now.


  • The most important lessons that Kelsey and Lori learned from launching their first businesses
  • What to look for in a business partner
  • The story behind how they started Rexxy
  • The shift of the buying power from celebrities and mega influencers to everyday people
  • How to build creative, effective affiliate partnerships
  • Two major Frameworxx Playbook™ success stories


  • To get access to the Frameworxx Playbook™, community, and small group coaching calls for $497 (down from $2,500!), use code CHRIS at checkout: rexxy.co/frameworxx-affiliate-program
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Kelsey started her first brand, Sweat CBD in 2018 which she grew using affiliate marketing. She then went on to freelance her affiliate marketing services and eventually built a full service agency called BossBoxx.

Lori started her career on Wall Street and then went on to launch a brand called Unicreamer and also take her experience to the agency world.

Lori and Kelsey were introduced by Chris Harder after both joining his mastermind. Shortly after they started working together they realized that they had very similar goals and interests and both had a passion for helping brands. They decided to join forces and work together to help product based businesses start, launch & scale.

After about a year of working together, they started to realize that affiliate marketing was bringing their clients the best results. They had a dream to help brands large and small build organic affiliate marketing programs that could help them scale the way affiliates helped both of their brands in the past, and Rexxy was born. Rexxy is an affiliate marketing hub where companies of all sizes can find tools and resources to design, launch, and scale a high-converting affiliate marketing program.

While they continue to grow their agency, the Rexxy team is also gearing up to design and launch an affiliate tracking software in 2023.

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