An Inauguration, A Transfer of Power and Christian Perspective Amidst Change


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The Christian Outlook – January 23, 2021

The new President, Joe Biden, in his inauguration address, makes a call for unity and a call for peace.

Jim Daly, of Focus on the Family, says there may be cause for skepticism, but we can pray.

Dr. Albert Mohler gives a brief tutorial on the pageant of democracy and the peaceful transition of power.

Kevin McCullough and Charmaine Yoest, of the Heritage Foundation, talk about how the agenda of the Biden administration is very different from the values of biblically minded Christians.

Don Kroah turns to Dr. Merrill Matthews, of the Institute for Policy Innovation, to compare the agenda of the Trump administration to that of President Biden.

Bob Burney says our primary attention should not be the change in the nation’s capital, but somewhere else…the Bible.

Bill Bunkley talks with David Murrow about his new book, Drowning in Screen Time: A Lifeline for Adults, Parents, Teachers, and Ministers Who Want to Reclaim Their Real Lives.

John Hall and Kathy Emmons, of The Ride Home, talks with California Pastor Gavin Ortlund about simple, disciplined gratitude.

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