Our Orwellian Moment


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The Christian Outlook – March 6, 2021

Kevin McCullough and Cissie Graham Lynch, granddaughter of the late Billy Graham, talk about “The Equality Act.”

Gino Geraci turns to Jim Denison, of the Denison Forum, to find out how “The Equality Act” will affect Christians.

Bill Bunkley talks with Frank Wright, host and President/CEO of the radio and television ministry “Truths that Transform,” after the programs was dropped by the Lifetime channel.

John Hall and Kathy Emmons, of The Ride Home, talk with Carl Trueman, of Grove City College, about Amazon dropping Ryan Anderson’s book, When Harry Became Sally.

Dr. Albert Mohler comments on Bethany Christian Services, the largest Protestant adoption ministry, opening their services to same sex couples.

Frank Sontag and Allen Jackson, of Allen Jackson Ministries, talk about believers responding to an increasingly hostile social environment.

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