Who’s Selling Who on Social Media? And: The Future of our First Freedom


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The Christian Outlook – April 10, 2021

Kevin McCullough turns to China expert Gordon Chang to talk about the increased persecution of Christians in China.

John and Kathy, of The Ride Home, talk with Carl Trueman, of Grove City College, about how the rights and liberties of Christians in the U.S. are threatened as Scripture runs crosswise to the leading edge of the sexual revolution.

Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation, joins Don Kroah to talk about the threat to parental rights from the ongoing sexual and moral revolution.

Craig Roberts invites Jerry Bowyer of Townhall Finance to talk about Big Tech and social media shutting down the conservative conversation and how it is both destructive and lucrative.

Gino Geraci turns to Dr. Albert Mohler to talk about the cultural predominance of a value system that is on a collision course with orthodox biblical faith.

Jaime Vaughn, of CCM Magazine, talks with singer Harry Connick, Jr., about his Christian faith and an album of Christian hymns that he produced during the pandemic isolation.

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