B-SIDES 17: "Streets of Fire"


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Tara, Adam & Dave turn back the rock & roll clock for an 80’s anthem fable that takes place….int the 50’s? It’s STREETS OF FIRE!
It is another time and another place – an odd mix of the 80’s and the ‘50s. Rock star Ellen Aim (played by Diane Lane) is kidnapped by motorcycle gang leader Raven Shaddock (Willem DaFoe). That’s win Billy Fish (played by Rick Moranis), nerdy music manager hires Ellen’s ex-boyfriend, ex-military and current mercenary, Tom Cody (played by Michael Pare). Joined by mechanic McCoy (played by Amy Madigan), Cody and Billy head down to the battery to rescue the rock and roll queen from the evil king of the bombers.
This month, we’re supporting BLACK TABLE ARTS whose mission is to gather black communities through the arts toward better black futures. You can find more information and donate at BlackTableArts.com
“Carpentune” Intro and outro music composed & performed by Gregory Bromfield
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