B-SIDES 18 "The Ice Road"


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Tara, Dave & Adam truck into the arctic night with Liam Neeson as we dare travel THE ICE ROAD!
After the sudden collapse of tunnel six in a Canadian diamond mine traps twenty-six miners, it falls to the seasoned big-rig driver, Mike McCann (Liam Neeson), to deliver a vital, 30-ton, gas well-head in under 30 hours. This trucking team is composed of Mike's aphasia-stricken brother, Gurty, the veteran truck driver, Jim Goldenrod, and Jim's brilliant ex-employee, Tantoo, as well as the mysterious insurance actualizer, Varnay. But it’s not the ice cracking under their wheels nor the arctic blizzards can that compare sabotage of someone in their group not wanting them to make their delivery. These are the dangers when you drive – THE ICE ROAD!
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“Carpentune” Intro and outro music composed & performed by Gregory Bromfield
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