B-SIDES 19: "Drive Angry"


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Tonight, Tara, Dave & Adam put the pedal to the metal and call out for shotgun – cuz’ Nicolas Cage is taking us for a ride and he’s going to DRIVE ANGRY!
Here’s how Wikipedia describes the movie:
John Milton (Nicolas Cage) escapes hell and steals Satan's gun, the Godkiller, to kill Jonah King. King, a cult leader who killed Milton's daughter and her husband, plans to sacrifice Milton's infant granddaughter, believing it will unleash Hell on Earth. Sent by the devil, the accountant (William Fichtner), a personified version of Death, is hot on Milton’s tracks. But when Milton meets up with Piper, a waitress in a bad relationship, the two join forces in a furious race against time and the devil himself. And the only way to get there is to DRIVE ANGRY!
This month, we’re supporting BLACK TABLE ARTS whose mission is to gather black communities through the arts toward better black futures. You can find more information and donate at BlackTableArts.com
“Carpentune” Intro and outro music composed & performed by Gregory Bromfield
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