B-SIDES 22: "Over the Top"


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Tara, Adam and Dave are going back to the 80’s for a movie that is ROCKY meets CONVOY and the title describes it best - OVER THE TOP!!
Lincoln Hawk, Sylvester Stallone, is a buttoned up but restless truck driver who’s running from the family he never wanted to leave. His estranged 12-year-old-son, Michael, is a buttoned up private school cadet who’s never been off track in his life. But after his mother falls ill, Lincoln Hawk picks up his son at the academy for a road trip to not only bring them back to his mother, but to bring father and son closer together on the road of life. Oh, and Michael’s maternal grandfather is some rich crazy guy who wants Lincoln out of the grandson’s life. And there’s arm wrestling. Add it all up and you OVER THE TOP!!
This month we’re supporting The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation whose mission is to restore Black and Brown families' stability by removing the barriers that keep them in abject poverty and domestic violence situations.
You can find more information and donate at BlackFairyGodMother.org.
“Carpentune” Intro and outro music composed & performed by Gregory Bromfield
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